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Bite Registration

Value to sink your teeth into

For accurate, true-anatomy impressions, nothing beats SELECT Bite Registration Materials. The materials consistently stay in place until you apply pressure and the combination of super hydrophilic properties and controlled flow add up to a selection of registration materials that are truly unique.

SELECT TransBite

SELECT TransBite registration material delivers an unmatched combination of physical and clinical properties, along with the added benefit of transparency. SELECT TransBite is an ideal material for performing occlusal templates, labial matrices and other custom matrices for light cured materials.

When using the SELECT TransBite Custom Matrix to duplicate real tooth anatomy prior to cutting, you significantly simplify and enhance the contour and finish of any light cured composite restoration. And, SELECT TransBite is a superior transmission impression material for orthodontic brackets when utilizing the indirect technique.

  • Transparent bite registration material
  • Fabrication of occlusal templates and labial matrices for light and cured composite restorations and chair side veneers
  • Fabrication of transmission impressions for orthodontic brackets using the indirect technique
  • 2-minute set times in mouth minimizing patient discomfort and potential for distortion
  • Outstanding elastic recovery, unsurpassed compression
SELECT TransBite


For accurate, true-anatomical impressions, nothing beats SELECT Rigid BR bite registration material. SELECT Rigid BR bite registration material consistently stays in place until you apply pressure. The combination of the materials’ super hydrophilic properties and Controlled Flow add up to a registration material that is truly unique.

  • Hard, fast setting bite registration material
  • Ideal for occlusion and other matrices for all impression taking procedures requiring a rigid, fast setting
  • 45-second snap set with no distortion and greater accuracy
  • Exceptional elasticity and minimal distortion

SELECT Extruder Gun

  • Polysil / Bite Registration Extruder Gun 1:1
SELECT Extruder Gun


SH-301 TransBite (with 6 green mixing cannulas) 2 x 50 ml Transparent
SH-302 Rigid BR (with 6 green mixing cannulas) 2 x 50 ml Light Blue
SH-000 Polysil / Bite Registration Gun 1:1


Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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