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SciCan revolutionizes instrument sterilization with PAPERLESS multi-instrument rack & sleeve container that increases safety and productivity of modern dental practices.


SALUS ­­– Hygiene Instrument Sterility Maintenance Container eradicates the need for the use of sterilization paper and/or instrument pouches.

March 5, 2015, TORONTO – With the launch of SALUS – a dental Hygiene Instrument Sterility Maintenance Container that eliminates the need for sterilization paper, SciCan delivers efficient, cost-effective and trustworthy alternative to the traditional hassles of sterilizing, organizing and storing dental hygiene instruments. SALUS was designed to work in tandem with autoclave monitoring systems and is suitable for use within ultrasonic and automatic washers, thermal-disinfectors and steam sterilizers.


Among the attributes of the world’s first paperless rack & sleeve dental hygiene instrument sterility maintenance container:

Efficiency: With SALUS, dental professionals are no longer required to process instruments in pouches or use sterilization wrap. This enhances office productivity while minimizing the potential for injury and human error.

Economy: SALUS remains presentable chair-side for at least 2,500 cycles – while saving hundreds of dollars worth of sterilization paper, pouches and labour costs over the lifetime of the container.

Clarity: Engineered for chair-side use, the SALUS dental hygiene instrument sterility maintenance container is transparent, enabling practitioners to immediately see the instruments. Removable, coloured pins and sterility labels further enhance procedural identification.

Safety: SALUS’s temperature-activated security lock system ensures the container has been processed through a steam sterilizer. The unit’s hard shell further protects both instruments and user, eliminating the risk of contamination due to punctured wrap or injury from loose instruments. SALUS has been verified to maintain sterility for up to 30 days.

SALUS is the faster, cheaper, better way of sterilizing and managing instruments that benefits the patient, the practitioner and the bottom line.




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